Executive Consulting

People often don’t look like their stories, meaning how they appear on the outside may not reflect the personal challenges he/she/they have experienced or is currently experiencing.

It is important to talk about mental health and wellness in the workplace because it provides a culture that is supportive, open, and safe.

Why should we be a stranger to difficult conversations when so many of us can relate? Starting this conversation will lead to building resilience, improving communication, and developing trust amongst one another so that we can thrive together.

When we acknowledge our mental health, we get to know ourselves better, and are more authentic people, employees, and leaders. 


INSPIRE-ology™ Influential Leadership Program

Immediate impact. Sustainable change. Measurable results.

Our INSPIRE-ology™ Influential Leadership Program will enhance your leadership capacity, facilitating a higher level of performance — for you, your team and your organization.

I work directly with you and your team to  develop greater emotional intelligence, cultivate resilience and hone your interpersonal skills, in an effort to help you lead with greater impact and influence — and keep stress and overwhelm at bay.

INSPIRE-ology™ People & Culture Formation in Organizations

The purpose of the my People & Culture Formation Program is to help organizations develop a growth mindset which focuses on cultivating diversity, equity, engagement, and inclusion in the workplace. 

Our executive coaching and consulting includes personal leadership formation assessment, resourcing, and context specific study to measure Diversity & Inclusion for a stronger workplace. Executives will create a strategic plan with practical steps for effectively integrating diversity, equity and inclusion in their context, all within a one-on-one coaching model.

INSPIRE-ology™ Organization Mental Health Liaison Program

The Organizational Mental Health Program focuses on Mental Health in the Workplace in order to improve the quality of life of employees

We will design a wellness assessment program suited for all key leaders to meet the unique needs of your organization, giving you the power to put your employees’ wellness and safety at the forefront. 

We provide everything at the executive level but for the whole team as well. Strategic planning and practical implementation of optimal wellness and support will be organized for organization wide transformation.

INSPIRE-ology™ Signature Presentations

What’s included: 

De-escalation and Crisis Management Call Training for Call Centers | Full Day Training

Microaggressions and Disabilities in the Workplace | 2 hr Training

Contact me directly to help you develop purpose-centered solutions for you and your team!