What can Dr. Jess help you acheive?

Be well…together.

Building healthy, happy, and thriving organizations with results-oriented workplace wellness doesn’t happen by accident. It’s shaped and forged by aligned behaviors that support our overall visions. However, figuring it out on your own can feel nearly impossible. 

That’s where I come in. 

Through my program INSPIRE-ology™, I develop bespoke workshops, presentations and webinars that address the increasing challenge of maintaining a healthy balance between being productive and effective at work, while maintaining a quality life at home. 

Together, we’ll dig in my toolkit of resources to build a sustainable framework of wellness support that’s person centered, evidence based, and solutions focused.

I’m ready to crush the stigma and create a healthier, safer workplace. Aren’t you?

Dr. Williams brings poise, professionalism, and a delight sense of humor to her role of being a Coach and Consulting for team building. In addition, she brings excellent skills in rapport building with clients as well as appropriate sensitivity regarding diversity issues. Over the course of  meeting with our team she consistently presented with a positive attitude and was open to questions, insightful, and requested feedback. 

Anita G., PsyD

Organizational Psychologist

Dr. Jess has a gift for assisting others with tapping into their true selves, their life desires, and is just an all-around inspiring and beautiful soul. She takes time to hear and support you. She provides a thoughtful and intentional space that allows you to trust the process of self-discovery to re-create your purpose. The coach and client relationship with Dr. Jess is a true partnership. I’m very happy. If you’re even slightly considering contacting her. DO IT! You will not regret it

Emily B.


Dr. Jess’ personality is so welcoming. It is easy to open up and explore your true potential. Working with her has helped me to realize both personal and professional goals.  She truly is amazing at producing results that you can measure. She helps with accountability, fierce clarity, and keeps you focused and aligned on your goal with action-oriented and practical steps.  I recommend Dr. Jess to anyone ready to unlock their full potential and power in their lives!

Rachel M.

Higher Education Director

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Jessica Williams, PsyD, MSW


Through education and experience (a lot of it!), I’ve learned how to tap into my own zone of balance – and I can help you do the same. With more than a decade of mental health and leadership experience, it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about personal development.

You’re In The Right Place

For Professionals


Individual Coaching


I consider myself to be a lifelong student, who continually develops my tools, skills, and passions so that I can guide and support people through their journey of life. My primary focus is to understand individuals’ strengths, capacities, and vulnerabilities in order to help people progress through their adversities or challenges. Furthermore, to witness people changing their life narrative through self-discovery. This allows me to connect, guide, support, and understand the path and journey of the person. 

My services are practical, action-oriented, change-making, and valuable to individuals and organizations.

For executives


Executive Consulting

My program is designed and dedicated to providing your company with talent management and organizational development strategies that have a meaningful, strategic, inclusive, and sustainable business impact on your company and employees.

I will teach your organization how to transform the workplace culture by developing culturally informed workshops that will encourage your team to educate and integrate inclusive, conscious, and forward-thinking approaches, lead courageous conversations and provide leadership and allyship support.

As a result, this program will motivate corporate leaders to tackle morale, employee relationship management, community engagement, training, and development in today’s corporate America.

DISCLAIMER: Coaching is not a replacement for mental health therapy, counseling, medication, or other treatment.

Your Questions, Answered.

Heyyy, Dr. Jess. What are your qualifications?

I have over a decade of experience in various forms of therapy, coaching, consulting, mentoring, training, and public speaking. I am professionally trained as a psychologist and social worker. I hold my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Master’s in Social Work. I  have advanced training, skills and experience in competencies related to coaching which gives me a strong foundation to provide life and executive coaching to WOC in executive roles. 

I have a broad perspective on the depth and breadth of human experience and development. While having a strong focus and understanding of people’s life transitions and the importance of maintaining work/personal life balance. My extensive experience in helping people communicate more effectively and utilizing assessments to help individuals understand their strengths and areas that need extra development or management will guide you to self fulfillment. 

I continue to receive training and get coaching for myself, but have not felt the need to pursue an official certificate at this time, having an abundance of referrals from my current and past clients based on the results my clients are achieving. 

What Kind of Clients Do Your Work with?

Motivated ones! My clients come from diverse backgrounds to race, gender, and relationship status. Let me tell you they are ready to work on their personal development and self-improvement which will lead to them functioning at optimal levels.

What Kind of Results Do Your Client’s Get?

One of the very first things my clients and I do together is set goals for what they want to accomplish. Results vary because goals vary, but I can tell you they range from feeling excited to feeling nervous and unsure. In terms of goal setting, I’m committed to setting my clients up to win and they do! Like I say we are not looking for perfection but progression. 

How Do I Know If Coaching Is Right For Me?

Hey…Personal Development Coaching can be for anyone! If you are feeling challenged by any of the following, we can be a good fit to work with one another. My goal is to take these challenges into progress towards success and fulfillment.

  • Goal digging, planning, and executing to follow through on your goals or plans
  • Struggling with self-esteem and negative self-talk 
  • Mindset Reset
  • Building and maintaining (non-romantic) positive relationships
  • Managing Life Transitions

Are you ready to Tap In? I invite you to book your INSPIRE-ology™ Consultation by clicking HERE.


How Is Coaching Different From Counseling And Therapy?

Life coaching can be very therapeutic for participants, but it is not therapy. Whether you choose to work with a life coach or therapist, both work to enable clients to make positive changes in their lives and become more productive. Depending on what your current situation is will determine if coaching or therapy is for you. 


Coaching is a directive, action-oriented,  and “co-creative” partnership that focuses on clarifying your goals. I use self- discovery, inquiry, and homework to build your level of awareness and responsibility. This helps me learn what you have or haven’t done since our last session. Which will allow me to provide you with structure, guidance, resources, exercises, challenges, or even advice. This is all intended to inspire you to reach your goals, rather than to resolve a problem. 


On the other hand, therapists diagnose and treat from a healthcare perspective, and look at your past to help you manage your present. Therapy is insight-oriented, which can focus on past situations and helps you see the reasons for your negative behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Further, it is focused on understanding and resolving past challenges. 


Working with me is very much about identifying the obstacles holding you back, and then coming up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. In all honesty, I believe that we usually know what we need to do, but we are struggling to get there and need additional guidance to realize our full potential and execution through a comprehensive and practical plan to put into practice. 


As a result, I have many clients who either come to coaching after years of therapy. Please note not all therapy clients are ill; and many healthy people seek services with me and a therapist simultaneously. You don’t have to choose between a Coach or Therapist—it’s totally fine to see both. I’ve even been recommended to some clients by their therapists. 


Just remember this important point- if your issues/challenges are disrupting your personal or professional life, you should consider working with a therapist instead of a coach. Your mental and emotional health comes first.

How do I contact you for Press or Media Inquiries?

Send an email to hello@drjesswilliams.com

Are you ready to find your silver lining?